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Dear Reader,
We are pleased to announce our new and exciting information page on the subject of cell cultivation. Created especially for you, this page introduces the various cell types and how best to cultivate them. It is the key to ensuring effective laboratory operations, so why not take a look at the page now?
In this edition, you will also discover what researcher Siegfried Bähr has to say about our BINDER chamber.

Hear all about it right here.

Your BINDER Team
Table of contents
Tips from the BINDER experts
Trainee builds mini BINDER chamber
Cool first and then heat
Obtaining precious cannabis extract with the help of BINDER
Information page
Tips from the BINDER experts
Cells are highly sensitive structures. Spend some time now learning the exact differences between the individual cell types to make sure your practical work is a success. Our experts have collated all the key information on cell cultivation for you. These are the facts that you cannot afford to miss.

Discover all the tips and tricks for successful cell cultivation here.
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Press release
Trainee builds mini BINDER chamber
In his spare time, Robin Langlotz reconstructed three BINDER mini chambers at breakneck speed – with amazing results! Read for yourself how Robin did it and whether the chamber is actually usable.

Find out more about the MINI chambers now.
Press release
Cool first and then heat
A freezer with water cooling could save you a lot of energy. The principle is simple: Take the waste heat and use it to warm up another room. In order to do this, you will need a cooling water system.
Cannabis extraction
Obtaining precious cannabis extract with the help of BINDER
Vaporizers are popular in many parts of North America. This convenient device allows cannabis users to inhale small quantities of the drug – known as “cannabis extract” – without actually smoking it. In order to produce the cannabis extract, you need a BINDER vacuum drying chamber. Our premium unit completely eliminates the risk of explosions and allows you to obtain the precious extract.

Find out more about cannabis extraction with the BINDER VDL now.
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