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Dear Reader,
Our January newsletter informs you about the latest developments in the world of BINDER. For example, there is a current video that has been produced in collaboration with Select Science. It shows the use of BINDER chambers in a laboratory at the University of Warwick in the UK. The scientists are trying to produce even more powerful batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles. However, the tests also pose risks, so that the researchers are relying on absolute safety from the BINDER chambers.
Feedback is also available from users who use a rotating shaker in a CO2 incubator. Here, too, the feedback is consistently positive. According to the experts, BINDER's modern technology enables the most precise research work to be carried out.
The commitment to the Dianiño foundation shows that BINDER also takes social responsibility seriously. Help is provided for diabetic children and their families. Alongside Ingrid Binder as the Chair of the foundation, Elke Büdenbender, the wife of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, is the patron of the foundation.

We wish you a successful year!

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Table of contents
User video: University of Warwick uses BINDER chambers
BINDER product news: Rotating shakers prove themselves in practice
BINDER's social commitment: Dianiño foundation has a new patroness
User video
University of Warwick  
University of Warwick uses BINDER chambers
The new video from Select Science shows that BINDER chambers are used in a wide variety of research applications. It takes the viewer to a laboratory in the University of Warwick where batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles are tested. Some of the test runs are dangerous, which is when the BINDER technology comes into play.
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BINDER product news
Rotating shakers prove themselves in practice
The BINDER CO2 incubator with rotating shaker is being well received by scientists. BINDER can point to initial feedback which is consistently positive. The research department had the right instinct with its developments – the technology leads to the most accurate research results. Do you want to know how the rotation shaker works? Then read more…
BINDER's social commitment
Dianiño foundation has a new patroness
The wife of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Elke Büdenbender, is the patroness of the Dianiño foundation. Ingrid Binder, the foundation founder, is pleased about the new appointment. She has big goals and wants to help many more diabetic children.
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