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BINDER - Best conditions for your success NEWS May 2019
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BINDER was recently ranked as one of the most innovative companies in Germany. This was thanks not only to BINDER’s fantastic products, but also to its innovative employees, buildings, and concepts – which really are lived out in practice. BINDER is doing pioneering production work in its LEAN FACTORY too, using lean management techniques.

You can also find out just why our BINDER triangle is now recognized the whole world over.

Stay one step ahead: with information from BINDER.

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A look behind the scenes
The red BINDER triangle is everywhere
Do you carry out material tests?
Press release
A look behind the scenes
Our LEAN FACTORY shows just why BINDER is one of Germany’s most innovative companies. Efficient work processes and people with an innovative, modern spirit: That is what our LEAN FACTORY is all about.

Find out exactly what the term LEAN FACTORY means.
Press release
The red BINDER triangle is everywhere
BINDER’s red triangle jumps out at you straightaway. Just like the apple on Apple products, BINDER has managed to use a symbol to create excellent recognition for its products; but the red triangle actually represents certain functions as well.
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Do you carry out material tests?
Material tests are essential for Kraiburg TPE. The company’s thermoplastic elastomers, which are used in the soft parts of toothbrushes, for example, must not change when they come into contact with water or heat. Material tests are carried out in BINDER chambers to check these properties in advance.
Read out new blog post on material tests now.
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