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BINDER - Best conditions for your success NEWS February 2019
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Dear Reader,
Are you missing some sunshine among all this bleak winter weather? We at BINDER GmbH are here to help, with a new crop of exciting reports that we hope will bring a splash of color to your day.

Our new Multi Management Software APT-COM™ 4 is one of the subjects we’re discussing this time – available on the market as of now, this digital powerhouse makes logging, programming, and monitoring our products a piece of cake. So you’ll have a new multitude of smart options available for your work in the lab.

Find out more now.

Your BINDER Team
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Benefit from the new software
BINDER ranks among the ten most innovative companies in Germany
CO2 incubators: What you need to know
It’s Carnival time – and you’re invited!
Press release
Benefit from the new software
Easily and intuitively manage your measurements on up to 100 BINDER simulation chambers at the same time with the new APT-COM™ 4 software. You can implement requirements quicker and more precisely. Pick up the best software we offer and get going with your measurements immediately.

Read more about the new APT-COM™ 4 now.
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Press release
BINDER ranks among the ten most innovative companies in Germany
2018 saw BINDER launch more new products on the market than ever before. This reflected the momentum that the Research and Development department had steadily gathered in its work over the year – something that caught the attention of the magazine WirtschaftsWoche, which recognized BINDER for its efforts in pursuing innovation.

You can find out all about the accolade here.
CO2 incubators: What you need to know
With so many different types of incubators out there, how do you know which is the right one for you? Our new whitepaper, titled “Technical solutions for cell cultivation in CO2 incubators”, is designed to help you determine exactly that.
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Press release
It’s Carnival time – and you’re invited!
Fasnet, Germany’s answer to Mardi Gras, is a wonderful occasion – but the Carnival of Brazil is in a league of its own.
We’re heading on a sun-drenched virtual journey to the event,

and we’d love to take you with us.
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