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On really hot days, many BINDER employees would like nothing more than to step inside an ultra low temperature freezer. Neither would some of them they say no to a refreshing ice-cream from the freezer.
You might not believe it, but it has happened. That’s right, BINDER’s eco-friendly and efficient freezers truly are this versatile.
Find out more now and also read all about just what FreiLacke is doing with our safety drying chambers.

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Eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and powerful
Significant added value for customers
Paint manufacturer chooses BINDER
Press release
Eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and powerful
In short, there couldn’t be a better way to describe BINDER’s new freezer unit. The use of a climate-neutral refrigerant has even reduced the global warming potential of the unit to such an extent that
it truly can be regarded as eco-friendly.

A unit by professionals for professionals: Don’t delay, find out more about the new freezer now!
Press release
Significant added value for customers
An increasing number of customers are making the decision to buy BINDER chambers precisely because they also come complete with APT-COM 4, our outstanding software solution for recording data.
But the software doesn’t stand alone: two backups are also available alongside it, the Alarm Center
and the Alarm Kit
. Put simply, your applications will always be in safe hands with BINDER.
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Case study
Paint manufacturer chooses BINDER
Without BINDER safety drying chambers, nothing would be possible for this most well-known of paint manufacturers. As the majority of paints contain solvents, it is all the more important that they are also extracted during the drying process. Let us take you on a journey into the laboratory of the famous FreiLacke.
Press release
Watch the first episode of BINOVATION on BINDER TV. Andreas Härter, our Head of Service, presents his own personal BINDER innovation. Don’t miss it!
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